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Ingaged Creative Productions Inc. is an Indigenous-owned marketing, events, and communications firm headquartered in Fort William First Nation, Ontario.

We are committed to providing creative, culturally conscious multimedia content, strategies, and project and event management that will inspire your audience to act.

We believe in community, communication, respect, and resilience. We don’t just want to give you tools - we want to make sure you know how to use them.


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Ingaged’s skillset and passion for placemaking was readily apparent through the entire project. The team developed and used three different industry-tested methodologies collaborating with a wide-variety of stakeholders resulting in a comprehensive twenty-four-page report. We anticipate that Mr. Anderson and his team will be beneficial to similar planning and development projects.

Werner Schwar
Supevisor, Parks and Open Spaces Planning, Parks and Open Spaces Section
City of Thunder Bay

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