Andrew Silen

Product Development & Marketplace Support Intern

Andrew Alvar Alexander Silen is an ally Canadian of Scotch/Finn heritage from Thunder Bay, Ontario. Andrew is the Product Development & Marketplace Support Intern for Ingaged, which is a lot of words to describe our go-to dude for product customization, equipment maintenance, and generally filling in a lot of gaps for our product-based services. If you’ve received one of our engraved journals or event programs, chances are his hands have been on it, turning form into function and packing it up to send to you. Andrew is confident in his IT and computer tech background, and he’s enjoyed getting involved in the Ingaged AV and production equipment for event support and videography as well. Andrew particularly enjoys playing chess with the Queen, refereeing ice-soccer, practising equestrian juggling, and crafting elaborate fibs for the amusement of himself and others. He is also allergic to bees (not a fib) and you can email him below to ask about how discovered his allergy, because any icebreaker story that involves a six year old with a hammer is going to be a good one.